Basic Sensuality

May 3 -5, 2019

Is something about your sex life not working, you’re not sure why and you don’t know who to talk to about it? Since we live in a sexualized culture, where it looks like everyone else has it going on, it’s easy to feel like something is wrong with you and you don’t measure up. You’re not alone, but probably don’t have any idea what other people are doing or feeling since we don’t openly talk about it.

For most of us, our conditioning, once set at a very young age is rarely examined. We are all a product of our culture, being heavily influenced by family, friends, school, and religion.

Basic Sensuality opens up your view of what’s possible and gives you the tools to be the author of your life now, so you don’t have to be limited by past conditioning or stuck in habituated patterns.

We’ll examine our habits and viewpoints and the way they can interfere with our ability to experience pleasure in our lives. Often what keeps us stuck is our tendency to look for and complain about what’s wrong in our lives and with our loved ones.

In this course we maintain that the path to more pleasure in your life is to shift your focus to noticing what’s good and what’s working, which then naturally leads to better. This practice can provide the foundation for creating your life in a way that truly gratifies you.

The Basic Sensuality course, led by three experienced teachers, offers a rare opportunity to explore your views about sexuality, sensuality and relationships. You can take this course alone or with a partner. There will be both lectures and discussions in this small group setting, where you’ll be invited to explore what’s happening in your life and come away with new ideas of what’s possible.

In this course you’ll also learn:

  • how to approve of and appreciate your body
  • to identify the nuances of what you find pleasurable
  • how to communicate what you find pleasurable in all areas of life
  • a respectful and effective technique for asking for and getting what you want
  • how to communicate to your partner what you find pleasurable both in and out of bed

We ask that you bring a list of your goals and questions to the course and participate in the discussion as you feel comfortable.

On Saturday after the evening session, we’ll assign you homework to do in private.

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The Atlanta Morehouse
118 Waverly Way NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307


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May 3-5, 2019

Friday, May 3
7:30 pm – course starts
9:30 pm – course ends

Saturday, May 4
10:00 am – course starts
1:00 – 3:00 pm – break
6:30 pm – course ends

Sun., May 5
10:00 am – course starts
1:00 – 3:00 pm – break
5:30 pm – short break w/snacks
8:30 pm – course ends


Basic Sensuality Course

$650 per person
The course will be taught by teachers from the Lafayette Morehouse

Limited to 30 participants

The greatest gift you can give your partner is your own totally turned on body.      -Vic Baranco

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