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Have fun!If you’re interested in an evening where you’ll actually get to know people,  Mark Groups are for you! Mark Groups are a fun and safe way to meet and get to know others, free of the awkwardness that you may feel in a roomful of new people.

What is a Mark Group? A Mark Group evening consists of 3 structured communication games, led by 2 or 3 trained Mark Group leaders. For most of the evening, the participants sit in a circle so that everyone can see everyone else. The only real ‘goal’ of a Mark group is to have fun, although much more can be had. The only rule to a Mark group is, “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

At a Mark Group, you can choose to be the center of attention, hang back and watch, or play anywhere in between at any given time. You don’t have to do anything to have a good time. The structure of the evening creates a magic that often affords an experience of surprising intimacy, insight, and laughter – and you never know which one is coming next!

The games are played from the viewpoint that everyone is perfect the way they are — and that there’s nothing to fix. You will learn things about others (and maybe yourself) that you normally wouldn’t in most social situations. A Mark Group is a great place to bring friends that you want to know better, or get closer to — or to meet someone new!

At a Mark Group, size doesn’t matter. Groups typically have between 8 and 20 players. People often report that smaller groups are even more intimate and fun than larger ones. You really can’t go wrong with a Mark Group, no matter who shows up!

The price for a Mark Group is $10 or “whatever.”  “Whatever” can be an dollar amount other than $10 — or a tangible item of value.

To keep up with when Mark groups are happening, you can join our Meetup, or call Carol Sue @404-989-1350 to get more information.

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