In 1995, I met a man, Jerry Harvey, who practiced the Art of Skin Rolling, a form of Myofascial release where the skin is lifted up and away from underlying layers, and then rolled with gentle pressure. After 2 years of having my skin rolled regularly, the results were amazing. I have felt the long term effects having my skin rolled and I now offer sessions so that others may experience them as well.

Some Benefits of Myofascial Release/Skin Rolling

  • Improves your skin quality, elasticity and appearance
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, blood vessels and nerves
  • Supports your lymphatic system
  • Increases circulation throughout your whole body
  • Releases stuck emotional patterns
  • Helps diminish any scars or stretch marks you may have

What is Skin Rolling?

The Art of Skin Rolling is the only bodywork that deals exclusively with the health and appearance of the skin. It is a powerful and natural adjunct to daily exercise and proper nutrition. This modality is based on the fact that the skin, our largest organ, is a resilient, self-reproducing, self-repairing and protective covering for the body. This system of rolling the skin moves fluids throughout the body, using a gentle, continual and rhythmic motion to flush out toxins and cleanse the body’s tissues by circulating blood, lymphatic fluid and oxygen. The health and beauty benefits are nothing short of miraculous.


On a deeper level, Skin Rolling is a treatment that helps eliminate the negative charge of ideas, attitudes, impressions and behaviors that are no longer wanted or appropriate. It helps you get unstuck in your life, so you are free to move forward and achieve your potential. The unique stimulation of nerve endings in your skin during a skin rolling session positively affects your entire nervous system. Even a single treatment can reverse toxic emotional and mental states that have become entrenched in your body.. You will experience a feeling of well-being and immense relaxation.  Long-term benefits are cumulative and enduring.


Your body consists of 70 percent fluids and Skin Rolling strategically moves these fluids throughout the body. It forces the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and replenishes the tissues with important nutrients and oxygen. It gradually erodes the dense, thick and toughened tissue and restores the elastic and collagen balance of the skin. The result is a profound revitalization and restoration of the entire body.

Ageless Beauty

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Skin Rolling removes age from the body, often rolling back the years with dramatic improvement to your  appearance. Scars, discoloration and cellulite are ultimately dissolved and removed by the natural function of the body itself. A softer, more youthful appearance is noticeable after the very first treatment.

Myofascial Release

Another benefit of Skin Rolling is Myofascial Release. The superficial fascia  is a thin layer of tissue like saran wrap, which wraps around each muscle and organ throughout our bodies, uniting the skin to the underlying tissue. When the fascia gets stuck or wrinkled, the muscles are prevented from doing their work which causes limited movement. Fascia often becomes inflamed because of acid buildup, stress and toxins, causing sore muscles and stiffness. By skin rolling the fascia, you are metaphorically ironing out these wrinkles and allowing our fabric to fall freely. This allows the team of soft tissues to achieve movement without pain. Muscles will be firing the way they were intended and the skin will flow over the muscles as it was designed to do.

Pricing Structure:

The first session is 90 minutes. The price for that session is $120.

Subsequent sessions are one hour and cost $100.

I offer the following pre-paid pricing discounts:

4 Sessions: $ 90 per hour= $360

8 Sessions: $85 per hour= $680

To book an appointment, please call Carol Sue at (404) 989-1350.

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