• Do you want better relationships with your partner, family and friends?
  • Are you tired of creating the same ungratifying relationship over and over?
  • Do you want to live a more passionate and pleasure filled life?
  • Ready for a more gratifying sex life?

Relationships…. They can be wonderful and challenging. We want them and are not quite sure how to get into one, or out of one.  We find someone we think we could enjoy and we are not sure what to do with them once we have them.

Women want attention and love from the men in their lives and they are not sure how to have this happen, or how to get it the way they want it.

Men want to make the women in their lives happy and gratified, and they are in mystery about how to do this. They think they are doing things right and wonder why their women are so unhappy and grumpy.

Perhaps you are single and wonder how you’re ever going to meet someone you have enough in common with to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Maybe you’ve been with the same person for many years and are wondering where your sex life went and if you will ever have the desire to have that kind of fun again. We’re not sure if we want it the same way as we once did, and don’t know how to generate something new.

As we get older and our tastes, desires and hormones shift, our bodies change and we are not sure where the “turn-on” button is anymore. We’re not sure if we even want to find it. We judge ourselves by our lack of desire or interest and are not sure how to adjust to where we are right now.

Whether you are single or married, sexing or not, there are ways to bring more fun, pleasure, flirtation, and joy into your every day life.

I can help you navigate these waters.

Please contact me and we’ll talk about it.


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Orgasmic Abundance 4-week Series

Orgasmic AbundanceSensuality is an art you can practice and master. Just like training your ear in music, you can train your body to feel more.

In a safe, clothes-on environment, you will:

  • practice techniques for knowing what feels good to you and your partner, and how to enhance those feelings
  • learn how to talk to your partner about what you want in a way that feels good to both of you.
  • learn how to have and spread an orgasm throughout your entire body

Most of us do not have much training in the arena of sensuality and tend to rely on past experiences and cues from your partner that may or may not be accurate.

Learn and practice skills such as:

  • “the taking touch”
  • “the approval sandwich”
  • “the art of attention”

Dates: (4) Thursday evenings: Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19

Time: 7-10pm

Price: $425/couple Early Bird Registration before Oct 20

$495/couple after Oct 20

Location: TBD

Bring your partner or a friend. If you do not have a partner, we could possibly match you up with another person.

Contact Carol Sue: 404.989-1350 for more information.


Early Bird Registration before Oct 20 $425 per couple. Bring your partner or a friend.

Registration after Oct 20 $495 per couple. Bring your partner or a friend.

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Come to a Mark Group

Have fun!If you’re interested in an evening where you’ll actually get to know people,  Mark Groups are for you! Mark Groups are a fun and safe way to meet and get to know others, free of the awkwardness that you may feel in a roomful of new people.

What is a Mark Group? A Mark Group evening consists of 3 structured communication games, led by 2 or 3 trained Mark Group leaders. For most of the evening, the participants sit in a circle so that everyone can see everyone else. The only real ‘goal’ of a Mark group is to have fun, although much more can be had. The only rule to a Mark group is, “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

At a Mark Group, you can choose to be the center of attention, hang back and watch, or play anywhere in between at any given time. You don’t have to do anything to have a good time. The structure of the evening creates a magic that often affords an experience of surprising intimacy, insight, and laughter – and you never know which one is coming next!

The games are played from the viewpoint that everyone is perfect the way they are — and that there’s nothing to fix. You will learn things about others (and maybe yourself) that you normally wouldn’t in most social situations. A Mark Group is a great place to bring friends that you want to know better, or get closer to — or to meet someone new!

At a Mark Group, size doesn’t matter. Groups typically have between 8 and 20 players. People often report that smaller groups are even more intimate and fun than larger ones. You really can’t go wrong with a Mark Group, no matter who shows up!

The price for a Mark Group is $10 or “whatever.”  “Whatever” can be an dollar amount other than $10 — or a tangible item of value.

To keep up with when Mark groups are happening, you can join our Meetup, or call Carol Sue @404-989-1350 to get more information.

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Four Tips to Having More Fun Now

Hands touchingI ran into 2 people recently, one divorced and in her late 40’s, and one in her mid 30’s, and never been married. Both women are very successful, own their own homes, make good money and know how to take care of themselves. Both women say that they would like to be in relationship, and are not sure quite how to do it. They are not sure who to talk to about their dilemma as most of their friends are in similar situations.

There are not that many people who are willing or able to sit down with you and talk some objective truth about what they see happening. Thus, most of us keep repeating the same scenarios relationship after relationship, year after year.

The good news is that there are tools you could use, points of view that you could consider that would bring about different results.  It’s not as hard as you might think. There is no need to have to unwind your past, your whole life, to get to that one moment where you think it might have gone wrong.  Like how traumatic it was when you were in third grade and didn’t get asked to dance at the school dance.  It’s not all pre-determined, fated to be so.

You can, in fact, start from the point of view that it’s all good now and from good you can get to better.

Here are 4 things that you could do today to start having more fun in your relationships:

1. Be Nice: When you have a choice of how to respond, think before you speak. Often times, out of habit, we lash out with a critical remark, or offer a way of doing it better.  Why not consider that what the other person has to say, even though it might not be your first thought, is of value and could be even better than what you would have offered.


2. Consider that things are good just the way they are: We are so quick to think that we are wrong, that the people closest to us are wrong, or not doing it right. That kind of negative thinking is habitual takes a toll on us and the people around us.  The men around us like to feel like they are winners, in life and with you. Give them something to win about. Why not consider that you have a great life, and blame the guys your closest to for that instead of beating him up for what he has done wrong.


3. Let someone do something for you: These days, women have become accustomed to doing for themselves. We can lift, carry, make our own money, pay for what we want and then some. We are a culture of high-powered, successful women who don’t rely on having a relationship to exist. As a result, we shy away from asking for help or assistance from anyone. We are more into producing than receiving. Starting today, we can soften up and let people do things for us. Take pleasure in allowing someone in close enough to notice what we want, and then get if for us. Or, ask for what you want and give them the satisfaction and gratification of providing it for you.  I know this may be challenging; what if they don’t do it the same way we do, or do it too slowly, or ass backwards. Take a deep breath and let it in.  So what if it’s not exactly how you would do it. Take a chance and see what happens.


4. Start up noises: If, when the guy you have asked to do something for you, starts to doubt his abilities, or complains about having to do it, don’t despair. Know that this is just the sound of his motor cranking up, and not a “no” to what you want. Please don’t give up on him, or get angry. Often we use these start up noises as validation of how incompetent or unwilling he is and we retract our request or get mad. Game over. Instead, you could simply listen to him, or tell him that you know he can do it. After all, no guts, no glory. You could give him an opportunity to be your hero, against all odds. Sometimes his complaining is really bragging in disguise.


Give these a try and let me know how it goes for you. I would love to hear back from you.

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Extended Orgasm: The Path to Pleasure, Abundance and Full Gratification

Sex Down South ConferenceA sexually gratified woman is happier, more productive, and more willing to approve of her partner and her life. Not in touch with the importance of their own pleasure, women often leave relationships, blaming it on their partner, only to repeat the same scenario. Mastery of your sex life is empowering and has you being in control.

On Saturday Oct 17 at 2:30pm, Carol Sue will be presenting a workshop at the Sex Down South Conference where you will learn about how to: communicate with your partner, intensify your ability to feel, become more aware of sensation and to surrender and relax into extended orgasm. This workshop is for men and women.

Sex Down South 2015 is a three-day sex and sexuality conference taking place October 15th – 17th in Atlanta, GA.  In addition to a diverse range of sexuality based workshops, Sex Down South will offer attendees access to various education stations where participants can learn and practice sexy skills taught by experts, as well as attendance at our one-of-a-kind SEXxATL talks by local Atlanta experts.

The theme of Sex Down South 2015  is Transcending Sex, and will include an in-depth exploration of different tantric practices. With industry experts, keynote speakers and vendors from around the country, the 2015 Sex Down South conference is not to be missed.

Expect over 50 presenters and workshops to choose from including appearances by Sex Celebs including: Devi Ward, Tristan Taormino, Amy Jo Goddard, Lee Harrington, Dr. Ruth Neustifter, and Dr. Tamara Campbell-Griffin!

Come be a part of this great event. For more information, you can register online or call Carol Sue @404-989-1350.

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Poly Round Table Discussion

Poly Image 1 copy

Poly Round Table
Saturday Jan 23, 7:30-9:30pm
The Purple House, Inman Park
118 Waverly Way NE Atlanta
$25 Pay Now, or at the door



It’s a new era in the world of relationships. People are more adventurous and willing to explore open relationships in a variety of shapes and configurations. Whereas monogamy has more of a blueprint, polyamory is a road less paved and hard to navigate at times. Opening yourself up can create deeper and more complicated connections as well as triggers for jealousy and confusion. People have a wide variety of definitions and agreements around polyamory. Having the support of a community of like-minded people who are willing to share their experiences openly can bring more clarity and understanding. Let’s get together and share our viewpoints on this topic. Your presence and contribution can make a difference.

Question and Answer format, open discussion.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to register. We’ll have a break with tasty treats to eat.

$25 Click here to pay now,  or pay at the door

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Sensuality/Communication/Relationship Series

RoseAre you challenged by finding or keeping relationships in your life?

Would you like to have the power to ignite passion and romance in your life, no matter what stage of life you are in?

Are you interested in learning some new technologies and tools that could have you get what you really want?

Do you want a better sensual life?

I am excited to tell you that I have developed a 4 week series on Sensuality/Communication/Relationships, and would love to have you join me.

I believe that sensuality is an art you can practice and master. Just like you can train your ear in music, you can train yourself to feel more. Fall is a great time to begin this exploration as there is more renewed energy and the feeling of desire in the air.

In this series we will look at what we all bring to bed… our brains! Sensuality starts in the mind and works its way down our bodies. We examine what we hold to be true about sensuality and sexuality such as our conditioning and culture, how we communicate, and ways to enhance our thoughts and our sensations so we can feel and have more.

The series is fun, interactive and just in time for the turn on we all experience in the fall! This could be just the thing to rev up your sensual life and polish your relationship skills.

We will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • The art of flirting.
  • What it takes to feel good about yourself so others can flirt with you.
  • Master the power of approval and how to use it in your day-to-day life.
  • Find out what it takes to have your sensual life the way you want it and how to relate to others in a pleasurable way.
  • And more!

4 Week series on: Sensuality/Communication/Relationships:

Date: 4 Thursdays starting October 16, 2014.
Time: 7:15-9:30 pm.
Location: 3558 Cloudland Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083. This is the home of Keath Bordeaux and Kathy Smith.
Cost:  $200.

Singles or couples welcome.
Please call Carol Sue @925-285-2538 or email carolsueyoung@me.com, for more information or to register.

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Try a Bite of This Kind of Sandwich

A Simple SandwichToday my friend Sandra’s sandwich fell out of her bag while she carried her usual arms full of stuff she brings to write for the day in Judi’s study hall space.

Judi’s Bassett hounds were very happy about this and, after Sandra gave the go ahead, they happily scarfed down the meat and cheese and lovingly (or hungrily) looked at her, hoping she had more.

“Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to make a man that happy! Maybe I ought to carry a sandwich around in my bra” said Sandra.

This made me think about what it would take to make a man that happy. Food is certainly one way, although its effects last for a limited amount of time. What happens in between meals?

This had me think of a different kind of sandwich you can carry with you wherever you go and it won’t stink up your bra. It’s called an “approval sandwich”. It’s a three step approach and here is how it goes: Continue Reading →

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Carol Sue Answers Relationship Questions.

Do you have a burning question about relationships or sensuality? Why not ask me? You can ask your question on this page and I will answer them either on my site or privately to your e-mail. I will not use your real name but please provide it so I can respond to your e-mail if necessary. I will also add you to my newsletter list to receive occasional updates.

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You’re Not Pretty Enough To Be That Mean

When those words were spoken to me by a teacher of mine that I truly respect, they pierced my soul like a swift blade making a sharp, poignant entry. They haven’t yet made their exit as I reflect on the truth of what she said.

Once I recovered from the initial blow and embarrassment, I began to look more objectively at how I was relating to the people in my life and the effect I was having.

I noticed how unconsciously my thoughts and responses flowed from my brain, out of my mouth. Without much thought, I spoke from a reactive place, not considering how my words might impact the person to whom I am speaking. Then I wonder why their jaw has dropped, or why do I have to pick them up off the floor? Why can’t I get what I want? Why aren’t they listening to me? Continue Reading →

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