Carol Sue is dedicated to the exploration of pleasure, fun and group living. She is a modern relationship coach specializing in the areas of sensuality and sexuality. Carol Sue shows women how extending their orgasms can lead to a life of pleasure, abundance and full gratification.

For 25 years, Carol Sue has studied sensuality and sexuality which lead to her being certified by the Sensuality Department at Lafayette Morehouse in California, where she researched and demonstrated the human ability to achieve extended orgasm.

Carol Sue has also pursued research on alternative lifestyles and in 1990 she co-founded the Atlanta Morehouse Community to research pleasurable group living. Although Carol Sue has spent time living and studying in communities in Lafayette California, Hawaii, and the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram in New York, she moved back to Atlanta and lives in the Atlanta Morehouse Community today.

Living in a group has been a powerful laboratory for intimate relating, honing Carol Sue’s expertise in matters of jealousy, money and possessions, communication, conflict resolution, and alternative relationships.

Carol Sue works with individuals and groups as a coach and a teacher in the areas of relationships, group living, alternative lifestyles, pleasure, communication, body awareness, sensuality, and sexuality.

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