Wednesday, February 1 – Sunday, February 5  (One Zoom Session per Day)

Basic Sensuality describes the ways in which we all create our emotional and experiential lives, including wins and losses, joys and sorrows. With increased insight, you may find that you can live more deliberately and create a life that truly gratifies you.

This course provides information on how to experience maximum pleasure in your own body and how to produce maximum pleasure in your partner. It describes and explores the functioning of the human nervous system and addresses societal attitudes and self-imposed limitations around pleasure as well as in all areas of life.

In this course, we explore topics such as responsible hedonism, apparent sexual dysfunctions, training your partner to pleasure you sensually, safer sex practices, pursuing pleasure with consent, and the one no-vote, as well as many other topics.

Your goals are identified and addressed and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have. You will have homework to do in private on Saturday following the afternoon session. MORE INFORMATION

Course Dates and Times: All on Zoom

Wednesday, February 1,  4 pm-7 pm  EST
Thursday, February 2,  4 pm-7 pm  EST
Friday, February 3,  4 pm-7 pm  EST
Saturday, February 4,  4 pm-7 pm  EST
Sunday, February 5,  4 pm-10 pm  EST


Millie Gross, Jonathan Gross and Carol Sue Young

Tuition: $475

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