A fulfilling, romantic relationship with our chosen partner can be the foundation of the most gratifying part of our lives. The turn on and connection we feel as a result of that improves every other aspect of our lives including our career, friendships, family, spirituality, educational pursuits, and even our recreational activities.

Likewise, when we feel hurt, betrayed, abandoned or otherwise dissatisfied with our partner, it diminishes every aspect of our lives. We draw energy and enthusiasm from our relationships when they are going strong and we are drained of energy and disempowered from weak or stressed relationships.

While no two relationships are alike, there are common elements to a relationship that is suffering. When they start to break down, it sparks a cycle of pain where we stop talking and giving to each other that leads to withheld communication, connection, and love.

Initially we may feel hurt, jealous, betrayed or have negative feelings about our partner. If left unresolved, we protect our vulnerability and withhold our warmth and affection. Over time, these small hurts lead to more distance and deeper anger with our partner and sometimes the distance between you and the person you love can feel unbridgeable.

Close your eyes and imagine a time when your heart was open and you felt love towards and expressed from your partner.

Now, close your eyes and imagine how it feels to be deeply hurt, angry and so full of feelings of loss, that you are unwilling to open your heart or even be nice to your partner at all.  No wonder feelings like these lead to negative sparks, arguments on the tip of your tongue, fighting and emotional shut-down.

We’re all human. If you are withholding your love and approval from your partner, and experiencing anger and desire for revenge, more than likely your partner is, too.

I know firsthand about this cycle of withheld love and the frustration of not understanding what’s going on, or where to go for help bridging the distance. In 1986, about 7 years into my marriage, my relationship with my husband broke down. I noticed that we kept investing the same behavior and viewpoints, and we kept getting the same results. We were stuck and I did not want to continue living that way.

I had become disillusioned and wanted more from my life in every area, from how we communicated to a better sex life. I was determined to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of partner relationships and to acquire the tools necessary to communicate when we were angry and hurt. From there, I embarked on a path of studying relationships and ways for people to live together more expressed and harmoniously.

This has been a life study for me and 27 years later, I know what it takes to navigate a relationship that is broken down and how to stay on course once the good feelings return.

I can show you ways to relate where you don’t just have to leave in an angry huff, or bail and run. That kind of behavior can follow you from one relationship to another. The common denominator in that scenario is probably you, and perhaps this is the time to do something different.

There are tools to re-invigorate and regain the love, trust and joy between you and your significant other. I can show you how to put the luster back into partnership.

It takes bravery to choose a partner. It’s one of the most important decisions people make. It takes skill to stay engaged in and to enjoy your relationship for the long haul.

I’m in a unique position and I want to share what I have learned from my research, studies and experiences. I am available to work with you and see where your relationship has been been, where it’s going and look it what is possible from there.



One hour session – $125 per one person, $200 for 2 people.

Working with me also includes follow up email/phone call to check in.

Please contact me or call me at (404) 989-1350. We can talk about what’s going on in your life and schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

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